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We have some of the best actuarial minds in the country, and we realize that workforce demographics, volatility of retirement assets, new laws, regulations, and litigation, along with accounting requirements, add to the challenge of maintaining a successful pension and retirement program. Our high consultant to client ratio allows us to design and/or manage a pension and retirement program that keeps your plans on point with your goals.





Annual Actuarial Valuation

We prepare annual actuarial valuations in accordance with ERISA and IRS regulations.

Accounting Disclosures


We provide the information needed for the plan sponsor’s annual financial statements to comply with standards set by FASB, GASB and IASB.


Certification of Plan Status

We prepare AFTAP and zone certifications under PPA

of 2006.

Cash Flow Projections

We provide cash flow projections and funded status projections in conjunction with the annual actuarial valuations.

Legislation, Regulation,

Benefits and

Plan Design

We advise on legislative, regulatory and judicial developments, as well as trends in benefit design and funding.

Government Forms and Participant Notice Requirements

We prepare or assist with the annual Form 5500, associated schedules and Annual Funding Notice.

Discrimination Testing

We provide top-heavy and discrimination testing under sections 401(a)(4), 401(a)(26), 410, or 416.

Plan Improvements and Amendments

We provide consultation concerning changes in plan provisions and can review amendments drafted by attorneys.


We assist with the review of domestic relation orders and provide calculations with respect to participant or alternate payee benefits under QDROs.

Plan Administration Support

We consult with the plan administrator on recordkeeping, benefit certification, participant notices and operational procedures.

Review of Plan Documents

We review and assist in the drafting of plan documents, notices, SPDs, and SMMs.





We evaluate actuarial plan experience relative to assumptions to provide an optimal basis for valuations and projections.

We evaluate asset allocation, liabilities, costs and funded status using stochastic methods and a range of economic models.



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